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Closing down forums as I update to a new forum app. This will mean a full revamp of the website. Sorry all! Will be needing your help as to how to get the games back in here. Thanks for being patient! Please check with The Geek Status for more information and updates.

Update as of 1/12/2013:
I bring you our new website look: Walkthroughs From The Geek. If you are wondering what platform this new look uses, I'm using Wordpress. Pretty neat, huh? It looks cleaner and you can even search through different categories as you like. I'm still in the process of transferring all the game links to this new platform so please be patient if you don't find your favorite game in there. You can always ask me through email below and I will search it for you and I will put it in the website right away. Enjoy!

Update as of 7/12/2012:
I haven't forgotten this site! I've been moving the games in a blog-type format. I really don't have time to monitor forums anymore, and I know maybe some of you might say, "Let me do it!" but no. I'm done with forums. Once I'm done with all the transfers (and this might take ages), I will close down the forums. You may find the new style here. Feel free to send me a mail through if you have any questions or concerns and I will try my best to respond as soon as I can.

- Leiza

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