Steppenwolf: Mokele Mbembe Chapter 1

Episode 1

  1. First, pick up the rope and run to the doorway on the side of the boat.
  2. Pick up the keys on the desk on the bottom right and the dumbbell on the floor on the middle left.
  3. Then using the dumbbell, walk over to the fire extinguisher and smash the window.
  4. Walk back out and blow out the fire with the fire extinguisher.
  5. Now go up the ladder and talk to the captain. He will give you an antidote.
  6. Use the keys that you got from the room and open the doors that lead to the basement of the boat.
  7. Get the battery on the floor, by the toolbox, and the hammer on the crate and the spear way in the back leaning up against the wall.
  8. Replace the dead battery on the machine with the good one and then climb the ladder.
  9. Hook the spear on the grate, then turn on the machine.
  10. Go to the other side of the boat (where the lifeboat is) and go right.
  11. You will see a dead man with a bottle, which rolls away.
  12. Press the ACTION button on the side of the boat and you will see the bottle.
  13. Use the rope and press ACTION again to get the bottle.
  14. Mix the alcohol and the antidote together and give it to redhead.
  15. Go get the luggage back in the basement.
  16. Go to the lifeboat and use the hammer on it. It will roll down. Get in the lifeboat!
Episode 2
  1. Climb out the window, and then climb the vine.
  2. When you get to the top press ACTION it will hit the guard on the head.
  3. Climb back down and go back through the window and down the ladder.
  4. Once you’re down, pick up the sleeping bags and the machete (you'll have to pick them up separately).
  5. Using the machete cut the vine that holds up the bridge.
  6. Go up the vine and go into the hut, pick up the See-No-Evil statue.
  7. Now when you get down, go to the path going south (you will see a little path on the middle of the screen).
  8. You will see 3 more huts. Go into the first hut and pick up the Hear-No-Evil statue.
  9. Pick up the pearl box next to the cardboard box with the boom box in it.
  10. Climb the vine, enter the other hut and pick up the Speak-No-Evil statue.
  11. Go back to the scene you started in, then go into the hut you didn't go in yet, trade the jewelry box for the necklace on the girl’s neck.
  12. Go back to the other scene and climb up the vine go into the last hut where the colored wheels are.
  13. Pick up the tablet and stand next to the wheels. Turn the wheels in order:
  14. After you have finished, there will be a man walking from a cage.
  15. Walk back to the scene you started at and turn right into the next scene, dodge the snakes and keep going straight.
  16. Talk to the man you just freed and he will tell you the only way to escape is through the mouth of the god.
  17. Go through the door he is holding up for you and pick up the sticks.
  18. Join the sleeping bags and the sticks together and throw the sleeping stick at the monkey.
  19. Place all the statues into the holes and then press ACTION when you are next to the skull stick.
  20. Walk into the mouth and exit.
Episode 3
  1. Grab the oar from the boat.
  2. Use the oar from the boat to hit the statue on the tree. It will drop the log towards the small island in the middle.
  3. Cross the vine and pick up the stick with the “Y” on the end. Make sure that the alligator doesn’t grab you!
  4. Cross back over and to the snake in the tree. Use the stick to pin the snakes’ head down.
  5. Grab the backpack. It will turn to a machete.
  6. Cross over to the small island again. Use the Machete to cut the vine holding the statue down and make a bridge.
  7. Cross the bridge. Use the Machete again to cut through the bamboo and make an entrance.
  8. Go to the entrance in the trees at the top of the game screen.
  9. When you first get there, press the ACTION button and tie the rope to the branch.
  10. Jump on the log and walk directly across till you are below the backpack.
  11. Use the ACTION button again to grab the pack and get the flashlight.
  12. Walk down to the edge of the path, and long jump across from there, to where the statue and the rock are.
  13. Walk to the rock, and hit ACTION button. She will tie the rope around the rock to the statue.
  14. Long jump back to the path and then back to the tree. Walk up to the tree, and press ACTION, she'll throw the rope tied around the limb over the standing tree.
  15. Press ACTION again and she'll pull on the limb connected to the rope. This will reveal a cave.
  16. Long jump back across to the log, then to where the statue is.
  17. Before you go in the cave, select the flashlight, then go in.
  18. Press the ACTION button, then go to the jacket and press ACTION again. She'll get the lighter.
  19. Go all the way back to where the first screen with the alligator, and climb up the vine around the area of the snake.
  20. Go to the ledge, then long jump across. From there, go to the back towards the right (not the side with the red ants) and get the gas can.
  21. Go to the front of the plane, and climb up the vine to get the flare gun.
  22. Go down and then go to the vine in front of the propeller, and hit the ACTION button.
  23. Select the gas can and get close (but not too close) to where the red ants are, and hit ACTION button.
  24. Select your lighter, and press ACTION again.
  25. When you have accomplished this, you get in the water, and get close to the vine hanging in the water, and hit ACTION. She'll grab the vine, and then take it to the fallen tree.
  26. Get out of the water, walk up to the propeller, and hit ACTION. The rope around the propeller will pull the tree away.
  27. Once right outside of the cave, select your flare gun. The first thing you do is hit ACTION when you get inside the cave to scare the bats.
  28. Go around to the side with the shadow shading the rocks, then you press ACTION, and climb up that side.
  29. Select the oar, climb the 3rd level, go to where the rocks are over where you entered, and press ACTION. The rocks will cover where you entered.
  30. Go over to where there is a small amount of water going down into the pool, and press ACTION again (while you still have the paddle selected).
  31. Climb down the other side, go over to where you see another small opening, and press ACTION again. She’ll get herself out.
Episode 4
  1. Go straight up that vine and run off to the right. (You can hit the ACTION to skip thru the cartoon that comes up)
  2. Then very carefully walk onto that log area and go up. Long jump to the right, long jump up and grab that stick that you see.
  3. Jump (or maybe walk) back downward again, then long jump over to the right.
  4. Walk off the right and you will enter another screen. Get near the edge and long jump onto that vine. (If you stop swinging before you jump off, just hit the right arrow key and he will start swinging again)
  5. When he is swinging, hit the right arrow key and he will jump down.
  6. Run downward and off to the right. That should keep you away from that snake.
  7. Go around to the side of that tent and press the ACTION button when you get near the window. (This will reach inside and grab a whip)
  8. Run around to the front of the tent and go in. Press the ACTION button as soon as you get in and this will scare off the big cat. Walk straight and press ACTION to get the recipe and jar.
  9. Run back FAST out and to the vine area again. Long jump onto the vine. If it stops swinging before you get to the other side, hit the RIGHT arrow key to get him moving again and then would hit the left arrow key to jump off when he gets close to the edge.
  10. Go left and you will go to the next screen. Move to the edge, long jump left, then again, back to the log. (DON'T RUN on the rotten log by that lizard)
  11. Now go over to the tree with the mushrooms and ACTION. Hopefully, you were fast and the dinosaur isn't near just yet. Go ahead and mix the mushroom and the jar in the inventory screen. Then select the wooden pole.
  12. Look at your GPS and check the location of the dinosaur. Wait until he gets right near you, and then walk down to the next screen.
  13. Walk to the right by those statues and hit the ACTION button, using the pole. Walk across and get the berries.
  14. Go back over, and look at your inventory. Mix the berries with the mixture in the jar. Then select the pole again. HINT: Walk back up to the next screen and wait for dinosaur to get near, and then go back down. This will give you a few extra seconds of time since he will have to walk all of the way back around again before reaching the ending area.
  15. Go back down to the other screen, near the little stream and use the ACTION button when the pole is selected. This will let you jump across the stream. RUN RUN RUN!
  16. In the next screen, get the skull, walk a few steps, then press ACTION. This will let you throw the skull at the bridge and it will lower. RUN RUN RUN.
  17. Select the special potion that you made and keep it handy. Keep going up thru that tunnel area.
  18. Next screen: DO NOT RUN or the lady will shoot you! Walk over to her area.
  19. Use the ACTION near that beam that is holding up that platform. This will make it fall and she is gone.
  20. Run to the vine hanging down and climb up. Hopefully, you made it to the top and stand on the platform.
  21. Wait for the dinosaur to stick his head in, and then press ACTION. This will throw your potion into his mouth.
HINT: If you only get one item at a time in any screen and then return to the cove (opening screen) and wait for the Dino to get close you will have plenty of time to move about without having to RUN, RUN, RUN. The only exception to this is after you get the berries and all screens after this point you only need to wait for Dino at the tree where you got the mushrooms. This puts the Dino at the furthest point from you. Once you drop the bridge go back one more time to the tree, wait for the Dino to get close and walk through the rest of the game.